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Pedro: The first Cruachan's album is Tuatha Na Gael, and mix aggressive Black Metal with Celtic tunes, but in the second ( Middle Kingdom ) album the band changed his sound to a rock/metal with traditional Irish music.
Why the band changed his kind of music?

Keith Fay: At the time of tuatha na gael, the only music I had time for was black metal and folk music. 5 years later we recorded our second album, a lot can happen in 5 years. I started listening to different music styles, I got more into normal heavy metal etc. and this is all reflected in our music, I still listen to black metal music but not as much.

Pedro: At '97 the band recorded a promo with Aisling Hanrahan in the vocals. But, She don t stayed in the band, and Karen Gillingan entered in the band and recorded "The Middle Kingdom". Why Aisling Hanrahan left the band? And How do you find Karen Gillingan?

Keith Fay: Its such a long time ago that I cant really remember why Aisling left, I think she got a better offer from the folk group that sing for Riverdance. I got to know Karen through a friend of mine. I knew she sang for fun with pub bands so we asked her to be our guest vocalist for the middle kingdom, in the end we like her voice so much that we asked her to join.

Pedro: In the past, Cruachan almost signed with Century Media Records, but its didn't happened. Why?  

Keith Fay: At the time they offered us a very poor contract were they would have the rights to change every aspect of our music. We would prefer to have no record deal than sign what they offered us. 

Pedro: Can you leave a commentary about the three Cruachan's Albums?

Keith Fay: 
Tuatha Na Gael: Our first studio experience and a great time for the band as we had just signed our first record deal. The album itself suffered from very poor production but is still considered a classic by most folk metal fans.

Middle Kingdom: 5 years later we were back in th studio recording and this is what we created. Although there was 5 years between albums, the middle kingdom was actually rushed. Our drummer Joe was only in the band for 4 weeks before entering the studio and some songs were only written a week before. I still think it turned out great and is a very original addition to the world of metal.

Folk-Lore: Our latest and greatest I believe. I think we got the balance of metal and folk music just right on this album. It is heavier and more metal than the middle kingdom and the songs are a lot better constructed.

Pedro: Folk-Lore in my opinion is a " Traditional Irish Rock/Metal" style. The next albums will follow the same style?

Keith Fay: Our albums are never alke and we wish to continue like this. Our next album will be heavier with faster parts while still sounding like typical Cruachan. 

Pedro: Are you working in a new album? 

Keith Fay: Yes, we go ino studio to record in April and May.

Pedro: The musician's life is hard...The Cruachan's members just work in the band or they have other jobs?

Keith: We have other jobs. I am an I.T. technician, John Clohessy is a Transport manager in a distribution company, Joe Farrell is a physics scentist and Karen studies meteorology.

Pedro:Do you think (like me) that Cruachan in the moment is considered a Cult band of Folk Rock/Metal Style and is an influence to the new bands? 

Keith Fay: I think we are conidered a cult band which can be good and bad!!! I have read many interviews with other bands and have been really happy  to see ourselves mentioned as influences to makes it all worthwhile.

Pedro: Cruachan have a lot of influence from Irish Folk Music, but what bands of Metal and Rock influenced Cruachan?

Keith Fay: The obvious influence would be Skyclad....the creators of folk metal. Apart from them I consider no other metal band to be an influence. An old 70's Irish rock band is another influence, The Horslips, they were mixing Irish folk with rock many years ago. 

Pedro: What Folk Metal bands do you like?

Keith Fay: I dont know if all these would come under the heading of folk metal but I like: Skyclad, Thyrfing, Isengard, In Extremo and Finntroll.

Pedro: Changing a little of subject, Cruachan wrote songs (Sauron and Fall Of Gondolin) based in Tolkien Fantasy, however, Cruachan wrote a song ( Bloody Sunday) about the sad date where 13 people died in a pacific manifestation. What is your opinion about the movies: The Fellowship of the ring, Two Towers and Sunday Bloody Sunday?

Keith Fay: The lord of the rings movies are fantastic, absolute masterpieces. I don't like some of the changes made, especially those in the two towers but I understand that they had to be made to create a good film. Bloody Sunday, if we are talking about the same film, was also a great piece  of work, very realistic and it made me really angry. 

Pedro: Thank You Keith Fay, Can Leave a message to the Brazilian fans?

Keith Fay: Hail to one and all, stay metal forever and hopefully we will see you on tour one day!!!!

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